Actor Corey Feldman Stabbed by Unknown Assailant (Is He Getting too Close?)

After the start of the #MeToo movement, former child actor, Corey Feldman made his own waves by turning the spotlight on the ugly hidden secret of pedophilia in Hollywood.


It’s not as if he hasn’t been hinting at these things for years. It’s apparently a very real and very active part of the culture, and it has ruined lives.

Feldman’s best friend and frequent co-star, Corey Haim, is said to be another victim, who carried the emotional scars of his experiences into his adulthood, and eventually, to his grave.

In his quest to expose the Hollywood network of creeps and kiddie touchers, Feldman is said to be working on several projects, including a movie, but it may not be without a price.

Feldman doesn’t enjoy the A-list status of some of the #MeToo figures. That doesn’t lessen the importance – or the implications – of his story, and there may be some who desperately do not want him to talk about what he knows.

In a series of tweets with pictures on Wednesday morning, the actor says he was the victim of an attack, in which a stranger stabbed him while he was in his car.


So is someone trying to stop Feldman’s story from getting any further? After all, these are really desperate days for sexual abusers (and that’s a good thing).

Hopefully, they find his attacker and if this was a coordinated attack, rather than just some random thing, that they get the answers involving who and why.


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