Jared Kushner Under Ethics Investigation (AGAIN)

At what point will the Trump administration say nepotism isn’t worth it and realize Jared Kushner is a liability?

From the beginning, President Trump’s son-in-law has shown himself to be ethically challenged.

Kushner has had multiple do-overs on his security clearance paperwork. He keeps “forgetting” things, like foreign contacts and monies.

He’s also been a voracious consumer of the president’s top secret briefings. In fact, sources say that he’s requested to view more classified documents than anyone else in the White House, even that outside of his own duties.

That wasn’t a problem, given all that Trump has decided to give his favored child’s spouse authority over. Unfortunately, intercepted communications revealed officials from several foreign nations – China, Mexico, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates – discussing how to manipulate Kushner, due to the desperate need for funds by his family’s business.

In fact, many foreign officials, it has been reported, only want to talk to Kushner, preferring private meetings, rather than to have someone present with more foreign policy experience.

And let’s face it: When you’ve got foreign leaders boasting that they have a White House senior aide “in their pocket,” that’s not really a good thing.

Kushner’s security clearance was recently busted down from “Top Secret” to “Secret” – a dramatic cut.

Still, for Kushner, those ethics issues won’t just go away.

White House attorney’s are currently looking into a potential problem with several loans made to his family business, after Jared Kushner met with the executives of Apollo Global Management and Citigroup.

Illinois Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi brought up the potential conflict with the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) about meetings that happened shortly before the multimillion dollar loans.

Apollo loaned $184 million to the Kushner Cos., while Citigroup loaned $325 million to the business, which is run by Kushner’s family.

David Apol, acting director of the Office of Government Ethics, said in a letter obtained by The Wall Street Journal that he spoke with the White House Counsel’s Office about Krishnamoorthi’s concerns.

“I have discussed this matter with the White House Counsel’s Office in order to ensure that they have begun the process of ascertaining the facts necessary to determine whether any law or regulation has been violated and whether any additional procedures are necessary to avoid violations in the future,” Apol wrote.

“During that discussion, the White House informed me that they had already begun this process. I have asked the White House to inform me of the results of that process,” Apol added.

So White House counsel is already on the job, which sort of indicates to me that Kushner is on their radar. Always.

Spokespersons for both Apollo and Citigroup have waved off concerns, saying there was no connection between the meetings with Kushner and the sudden decision to loan his flailing family business millions of dollars.

So how long?

With nearly every troubling report or scandal that has plagued the Trump White House, it seems Jared Kushner is somewhere in the mix. Other than President Trump’s own penchant for self-destruction and saying far too much at exactly the wrong time, Kushner is a common denominator that can’t be ignored.

Some reports from 2017 are that the president has tried to shoo Kushner and Ivanka back to New York, fearing that Washington life will eventually consume them. Unfortunately, the draw of power and influence has blinded them to their own best interest.

Daddy-in-law’s name and position can only shield Kushner for so long, before he goes too far.



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