Howard Stern Urges His Old Friend to Get Out of the White House

Shock jock Howard Stern has a long history of being a pretty vile misogynist.

He’s the guy who got Donald Trump to say his daughter, Ivanka, was a “hot piece of a**.”


Yeah. Nice behavior.

He might be on to something here, however.

In the recent past, Stern has remarked about his old friend, Trump, that he didn’t think he wanted to be president.

“Seventy-year-old guy who has made so much money — he’s made billions of dollars — that he has his own helicopter, he has his own airplane. He has a hot wife. He’s got fame from a No. 1 television show,” Stern said last May. “He can walk around Mar-a-Lago, which is like any palace — better than the f–king White House.”

“And then when he went out on the campaign trail, and he started to win, it was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to be president, and all these crowds love me, and it’s going to be fun,’” Stern told his listeners. “No f–king idea the sh*tty life he was gonna have.”

I agree with him, at least as far as Trump having no idea what he was getting himself in for.

Earlier Tuesday, Stern went a little further.

“I was watching the news. They said that the president calls his friends and asks advice,” Stern said on his eponymous SiriusXM radio show on Tuesday, following a discussion about adult film star Stormy Daniels’s allegations that she had an affair with Trump. “He’s never once called me and asked for advice,” Stern lamented. “Which kind of got me a little upset.”

“Well, maybe he’s just not thinking that you have good advice,” Stern’s co-host, Robin Quivers, said.


There’s a thought, although, Trump has said he listens to himself, so it’s not like he’s getting the best advice, now.

“Yeah, probably not,” Stern replied. “My advice would be, like, get the f— out of there, man.”

“Why do you need that for?” Stern exclaimed. “Go back to Mar-a-Lago and hang.”

“Just give it over to Pence — let him do his thing.”

Stern is speaking the heart of millions.

On a serious note, however, with the trouble that’s mounting, it appears Donald Trump didn’t really think this whole thing through. He was allowed to get away with certain things as a corrupt businessman that he could not do in the most important seat in the land, and it’s catching up to him.

Recent reports are that he can’t even find attorneys willing to work on a team to defend him in the ongoing Russia probe, and the couple he has are in over their heads, never having worked a federal criminal investigation, before.

Worst of all, his inexperience and inability to control his impulses directly affect the rest of the nation.

Listen to your friend, Trump. Call it a day and get out, while you can.




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