Trump's Legal Misfires Continue (Trump Team Endurance Will Now Be Measured in Scaramuccis)

Called it.

I actually saw one of those Trumpidian fringe sites on social media the other day announcing the addition of Fox News conspiracy theory lawyer, Joe diGenova, and his wife, Victoria Toensing to President Trump’s Russia investigation legal team.


I can’t remember the exact title, but it referenced special counsel Robert Mueller and said news of this couple joining to fight for Trump had him shaking in his shoes.

I laughed a lot. I’m pretty sure Mueller would laugh too, if he was the sort that laughed.

As I pointed out earlier, that’s not a thing that will be happening.

Today, one of the lawyers that is intent on sticking it out on the legal team, Jay Sekulow, made the announcement.

Trump personal attorney Jay Sekulow says in a statement that Washington lawyers Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing have conflicts that won’t allow them to represent the president regarding special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Sekulow said diGenova and Toensing, who are married to each other, will be “assisting the President in other legal matters.” Sekulow did not specify the conflict, but the couple’s firm has represented other clients in the special counsel’s investigation, including former Trump campaign adviser Sam Clovis.

Other legal matters? Like what? Parking tickets?

Toensing is said to also be representing Blackwater founder, Erik Prince, as well as former spokesman for the Trump legal team, Mark Corallo, hence the conflict of interests.


Corallo, by the way, left in what some report as disgust over Trump’s treatment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Also, because he saw the alleged discussion on Air Force One, regarding a deceptive response for Donald Trump Jr. to questions about a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians, as possible obstruction.

He may be working with Robert Mueller on that. Mueller definitely has questions about that incident.

So as it stands now, Trump has lost his lead attorney, John Dowd, is in danger of losing White House counsel Don McGahn, according to some reports, and only has Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow to carry the load, for sure, at this point.

But he’s boasting about how many high powered firms want to work with him today (which means he’s desperate).



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