Trump Announces Press Conference on Omnibus Bill

There has been back-and-forth speculation after President Trump tweeted out this morning that he would likely veto the monstrous omnibus bill.

Trump cited the lack of a DACA fix, as well as lack of proper funding for his border all as the reasons.


The fact that it’s over 2,000 pages of irresponsible spending and an additional $1.3 trillion added to our national debt, while nobody has had a chance to read what they were voting for – no, that didn’t seem to bother him, so much.

Or few others, to be honest.

Trump is calling for a press conference at 1pm to discuss the bill. He may announce a veto, at that time, or he may, as some are suggesting, announce that he’s actually on board and will be signing this anchor around the necks of future generations.

Whatever he decides, the government is set to shut down at midnight on Friday, should he fail to act.


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