EXODUS 2018: Don't Look Now, but H.R. McMaster May Not Be the Only High-Level Departure Today

I’m guessing we’ll know soon enough if the rumors of National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster’s imminent departure are true. Supposedly, that could be a thing as early as today (even though Sarah Sanders is denying it).


We all know how those denials go with the Trump clown car.

Early this morning, however, NBC News is suggesting that it’s not just H.R. McMaster gathering up what’s left of his sanity and making a break for it.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly may be packing his rags and kicking rocks, as well.

Kelly was brought in to replace weasel-boy Reince Priebus, and in his efforts to tighten up the Trump White House and create a more responsible, professional environment, he’s rubbed Trump the wrong way, according to multiple reports.

Trump prefers chaos and turmoil. He prefers drooling, glassy-eyed sycophants, like those of Fox News. He wants people around him telling him that whatever he says or does is wonderful. Kelly (as it has been reported with McMaster, as well) has tried too hard to control him or correct him.

And if anybody thinks this is normal or “ok,” you are why our nation is crumbling from the inside.


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