It's Kelly Versus Javanka, as White House Chief of Staff Wonders: "What Do You Do All Day?"

It’s a fair question.

Given Jared Kushner’s expanding problems in his position as White House senior adviser, I’d say that may be adding to the question.

To begin with, Kushner’s security clearance just took a hit, so where he was left to see and absorb whatever sensitive documentation he desired, before, now he’s been reined in.


That was a decision by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who has had his hands full trying to turn a Trump nuthouse White House into a reasonably functional government entity.

With all he’s got going on, it’s quite believable that those frustrations have boiled over, and that at some point, Kelly has asked the question: What do Javanka do all day?

With Kelly’s clamp down and the cloud of scandal surrounding Kushner and his family business, some feel that the once-dominant position of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, afforded to them under the age-old auspices of nepotism, is waning.

In recent days, insiders are reporting that President Trump has even suggested that maybe they slink on back to New York, although, of course, he feels Kushner is being treated unfairly.

Meanwhile, the knives are out for John Kelly.

From the Associated Press:

Since taking office last year, Kelly has prioritized creating formal lines of authority and decision-making. Kushner resisted efforts to formalize his role — which early in the administration made him something of a shadow secretary of state — and he has grown frustrated with the chief of staff’s attempts to restrict the couple’s access to the president.

The couple perceives Kelly’s crackdown on security clearances as a direct shot at them, according to White House aides and outside advisers. But one White House official disputed that account, suggesting that Kushner welcomed Kelly’s efforts to organize the West Wing, allowing him to more singularly focus on his portfolio.


I think we’ve heard far too much out of this White House about the Kelly/Kushner dynamic to buy that.

Kelly, in turn, has been angered by what he views as the couple’s freelancing. He blames them for changing Trump’s mind at the last minute and questions what exactly they do all day, according to one White House official and an outside ally. Kushner prevailed in previous power struggles within the White House, including one against former chief strategist Steve Bannon, but allies of the president on the outside openly cheered the power couple’s weakened position.

Yes, but what do they do all day?

It’s a fair question.

There’s talk of Kushner renewing his role as part of his father-in-law’s 2020 election campaign (Brad Parscale as campaign manager was his idea), but despite a broad portfolio of duties, the results are a tad thin.

“I am not a person who has sought the spotlight. First in my business and now in public service, I have worked on achieving goals, and have left it to others to work on media and public perception,” Kushner told congressional investigators in a prepared statement last July.

But it is not immediately obvious what he’s achieved. There has been little progress on Mideast peace and relations with Mexico, another top Kushner priority, remain contentious over Trump’s proposed border wall. Kushner’s much ballyhooed project to reinvent the federal government has gained little traction. And questions persist about his family business’s global hunt for cash just a year before a $1.2 billion mortgage on a Manhattan skyscraper must be paid off by the company.

The Kushner Co. says it is in solid financial shape, but skeptics note that the company has been scrambling to raise funds from investors in nations with which Kushner has had government dealings and questions about potential Kushner conflicts of interest have scuttled some efforts.


And he was tasked with solving the opioid crisis and bringing peace to the Middle East.

Things are going great, so far.

Oh, yeah…

You have to believe Kelly is increasingly annoyed by the boss letting his kids hang around and play government for so long.

Neither are qualified and both seem to have come in with agendas other than those stated by the campaign.


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