"Leaky" Lackey, Devin Nunes Faces Ethics Complaint

As Joe Cunningham so perfectly pointed out on Thursday, Rep. Devin Nunes needs to GO.

Not only is his hyper-partisanship killing the intent of the House Intelligence Committee that he was assigned to chair, but it’s giving liberals ample ammunition to attack him with.


News that Nunes was behind a leak of text messages belonging to Senator Mark Warner to Fox News.

Apparently, Warner – a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee – was attempting to reach Christopher Steele, the author of the Trump-Russia dossier that has caused so much controversy. Warner was doing this as part of his committee’s work in the ongoing Russia probe, and reached out to Adam Waldman, a lobbyist whose firm is connected to Hillary Clinton.

Fox News, citing a “Republican source,” published those texts in February.

Campaign for Accountability, a liberal watchdog group, announced on Thursday that they were amending a previous complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) and are asking that Devin Nunes be investigated for his possible role in leaking information gathered during the course of an investigation.

“Time and time again, Rep. Nunes and his staff leak confidential information without consequence,” the group’s executive director, Daniel Stevens, said in a statement. “What will it take for the House to step in and stop this clear abuse of authority?”

The group has previously filed complaints with OCE, including a similar complaint last month accusing Nunes of leaking information about Fusion GPS, the research firm tied to the controversial dossier connecting President Trump to Russia.


A report on Thursday said that Senate Intel members, Warner, and N.C. Senator Richard Burr complained to House Speaker Paul Ryan about the Nunes leak.

Ryan reportedly blew off their concerns, so, yeah.

Nunes really does need to go. His sniveling, oily loyalty to Trump has rendered him incapable of doing the job he is tasked with, at least as far as the House Intelligence Commission. There’s no way he’s acting as an impartial arbiter of truth.

It’s as if he’s forgotten that his loyalty should be to the people of the United States and the citizens of California, first.


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