The Downward Spiral of Golden Boy Kushner May Just Be Starting

The scrutiny White House senior adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner is now facing won’t be letting up, any time soon. In fact, you can just about count on it intensifying.


Earlier this week, Kushner made news after White House Chief of Staff John Kelly kicked him from “Top Secret” security clearance, to merely “Secret” clearance.

This was a move that has to stifle Kushner’s White House activities – whatever they may be – considering the curious news that he tends to request access to more sensitive intelligence documentation than anyone else.

Now, add to that the news that came next: Intercepted communications of foreign officials from Mexico, China, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates showed that foreign officials considered Kushner an easy mark. He was gullible and desperate for money for his family business, so he was a preferred “target” when pressing for their national interests.

In fact, some foreign officials insisted on speaking just with Kushner, rather than more experienced officials.

You’d think that was bad enough, and nothing more could be squeezed out of this Kushner revelation.

You’d think that.

The latest news is that last November an equity firm called Apollo Global Management loaned Kushner’s family business, Kushner Companies, $184 million, after its co-founder, Joshua Harris met with the Trump administration to talk about infrastructure.

While Harris was present at the White House, he and Kushner had multiple meetings.

OH – and there was talk of a possible administration job for Harris at that time, as well.

Citigroup in the spring of 2017 also lent Kushner Companies money totaling $325 million. That loan was offered soon after Kushner met with Citigroup’s chief executive, according to the Times.

The funding from Apollo Global Management went toward the Kushner Companies’ mortgage on a Chicago skyscraper, while the loan from Citigroup was used for the Kushner Companies’ Brooklyn office buildings.


Well, well.

And of course, everyone is playing innocent, in this.

The word from Kushner’s attorney, Abbe Lowell’s office is that of course Kushner’s position with the administration puts him in contact with a lot of financial firms and business people, but that doesn’t mean he’d take advantage of that. He’s not involved with his family company’s financial dealings, at all.

*wink, wink*

Christine Tayler, Kushner Companies spokesperson, likewise blew off the notion that Kushner’s White House position had any bearing on the dealings between the company and financial firms.

“Stories like these attempt to make insinuating connections that do not exist to disparage the financial institutions and companies involved,” she said.

Disparage, or get to the truth?

I suppose it’s all in your perception.


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