Report: Hope Hicks Didn't Just Resign (How Much Abuse Can She Take?)

So, possibly the second biggest news of the day (closely following news that President Trump is a stinking, anti-Constitution gun grabber) was the news that White House Communications Director Hope Hicks is bailing.


While some reports are that Hicks had planned to leave weeks ago, CNN is reporting something a bit different.

Hicks appeared before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday. During the course of her testimony, she admitted to lawmakers that she sometimes has to “tell white lies” for President Trump.

She could have cut out the word “white.”

She was already on thin ice, following a public relations nightmare earlier in February.

Hicks is romantically linked to recently ejected staff secretary Rob Porter. Porter was accused by his two former wives, as well as an ex-girlfriend of domestic violence. Hicks, knowing the story was about to drop, quickly drafted a statement of support of Porter for White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to issue.

Others in the administration quickly approached senior Senator Orrin Hatch and asked for a statement of support for his former aide. They just didn’t tell him there were statements, as well as photo evidence of Porter’s violence against women.

Of course, Trump’s reaction was, of course, horrible. He even bemoaned the lack of due process (You know, that thing he would deny gun owners) for those accused of abuse.

The backlash was horrible, and Hicks was reportedly blamed for putting her love life ahead of Trump’s best interest.

And now she has sat in front of a committee investigating the Trump team’s possible involvement in Russian interference in the U.S. election and tells them she sometimes lies for her boss.



You’ll have to forgive us if we look sideways at the explanation of Hicks’ resignation as something she had in planning for weeks.

CNN’s source described Hicks as Trump’s “last emotional crutch,” suggesting that her admission to the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday aggravated an already tense situation.

“What happened yesterday just put the nail in the coffin for her,” said April Ryan, a White House correspondent and CNN contributor. Citing her own sources in the West Wing, Ryan said Hicks had given a tentative resignation after the Porter incident. She suggested that what happened on Wednesday “was a forced resignation.”

And because of her testimony, the source goes on to say that Trump berated her, which fits perfectly with past reports of how Trump treats people around him.

We can assume that Hicks is an absolute emotional wreck, just based on her apparent attraction to obnoxious, abusive men (she was previously linked to Corey Lewandowski). With that in mind, hearing that she’s fleeing her current imprisonment with Team Trump, kind of makes sense.


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