Our President Is Superman (and Other Nonsensical Things He Wants Us to Believe)

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What those deputies with the Broward County Sheriff Department did was unbelievable.

It was an absolute dereliction of duty and a breathtaking example of complete cowardice.


These four men were armed, so they absolutely were on equal ground with the shooter, Nikolas Cruz (more so, when you consider there was 4 of them and one of him). We can presume they were trained (that’s the claim of their faithless, spineless sheriff, at least).

They could have been heroes, but they ended up zeroes, and their boss felt comfortable tossing off the responsibility to everyone other than himself.

Yes, lax leadership can absolutely lead to poor performance of duty.

Would I have charged into this shooter scenario, had I been armed?

No, not charged. I think I would have attempted to find some back way in, where I could possibly catch Cruz by surprise.

I’m almost positive I would wilt, if faced with charging in, unarmed. I’d like to think otherwise, but I’m not going to puff up, after the fact, and claim valor that I’ve never been tested on.

That’s a punk move.

Speaking of punks, our president actually told a room full of people today that he’s Superman.

Something like that.

While speaking with the nation’s governors in a meeting today, Trump slammed (rightly) the actions of those deputies, but as is his usual, used the opportunity to lie boast about attributes he’s never, ever exhibited, before.

“I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon,” Mr. Trump told governors meeting with him at the White House on ways to improve school safety.


Why was that comment even necessary? What was the end game on this?

And yes, I’m fully aware that some rabid MAGAdook is furiously meme’ing a muscular, rock-chinned Trump, standing in front of wide-eyed, pink-cheeked children, as a horrified shooter watches his bullets bounce harmlessly from Trump’s bulging pectorals. OH – and an American flag backdrop. This thing is happening in somebody’s mom’s basement, as we speak.

He went on to talk about all the different restrictions to gun ownership he plans to push, but you have to know there were people there who were mentally calling crap on his boasting.

Maybe some of them remember this:

Yeah. There’d be a lot more than just the bleeding from some guy’s scalp wound in that school, so what use could he have been?


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