Parkland Kid Snipes at Senator Rubio From Twitter, and It Was Not Clever

This is completely unfair, but it’s just another sign of how the left have harnessed the Parkland shooting and are using students as tools to drive their agenda of gun-grabbing.


There are elections to win, after all.

On Friday, a survivor from the Parkland school shooting took to Twitter to lash out at Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

 “We should change the names of AR-15s to ‘Marco Rubio’ because they are so easy to buy,” Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School sophomore Sarah Chadwick tweeted Friday.

Rubio was bold enough to take to the stage for a CNN town hall event earlier this week. He basically stood by and absorbed the insults and outrage of students and obnoxious parents, attacking him, and in at least one case, comparing him to Nikolas Cruz, the shooter, simply because he’s a Republican and a Second Amendment supporter.

At one point during that event, a student asked if Rubio would agree to stop accepting donations from the NRA, if everyone there chipped in and gave him the same amount as the NRA.

It was a dumb, camera-ready comment.

Rubio’s crime, in the eyes of these useful idiots for the left is his A+ rating from the NRA.

His 2016 presidential campaign received about $9,000. Over the course of his career, he’s received a little over $3 million. That hardly qualifies him as “bought.”

This high school sophomore, Chadwick, however, thinks she knows how the world works. At 15, kids know it all, anyway, right?


More than likely, she’s just piling on, because that’s what kids do. This is her “mean girl” moment. It’s the equivalent of telling a rival on Instagram that her shoes are last season rejects.

Senator Rubio has suggested that he would support an age limit raise on gun purchases, which makes all kinds of sense, if you believe shooters under 21 will realize they’re too young to buy guns legally, and won’t look for weapons illegally to use.

School shooters are all about keeping it legal.

Rubio has also suggested he supports regulating the sale of high-capacity magazines.

What people on the left, along with the misguided children like Miss Chadwick are hoping to create is this image of AR-15s as being super-scary terrorist weapons.

They’re single-shot rifles, constructed to look cool. That’s about it.

Chadwick is too young to realize she’s being used, and nobody wants to demean or belittle the experience of survivors of the Parkland shooting.

This Democrat-devised plan of piling on Senator Rubio is just wrong, however.


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