Conservative Writer Dives off the Deep End, Reaps Social Media Scorn (Rightly)

In which we discuss the fact that “conservative” writer, Dinesh D’Souza is a garbage human being.

I wrote earlier about Senator Marco Rubio’s reaction to people pushing a conspiracy theory that the students traumatized by the Parkland high school shooting were “crisis actors,” sent out to push a gun control narrative for the left.


Yes, it’s very likely that the left are using this for their own political gain, and not because they are laden with compassion for these kids.

No, it’s not ok to lash out at the kids because you object to the leftist agenda.

Enter D’Souza, who has been pushing his own efforts to get back on top, ever since he was released back into society, after spending some time “away,” due to violating election finance laws.

I used to enjoy D’Souza’s work. Lately, I find him obnoxious and depressing, saying ignorant things, usually in an attempt to ingratiate himself to Trump and the MAGA crowd.

Today was a bit of a capper, and it has him top trending on social media.

So what did he do?

He attacked the kids, after Florida lawmakers voted down a bill to ban assault weapons.


And he wasn’t done.

One Twitter user gave us a friendly reminder, while pointing out D’Souza’s disgusting tweet.

Other Twitter users joined in.


Brutal. Deserved.

I think the cherry on top was the response from CPAC 2018, who look for speakers like Milo Yianapoulos and Nigel Farage, and who many thought would be featuring D’Souza again, this year:


Even if he wasn’t actually scheduled, the fact that they so publicly disowned him over his remarks is a start.


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