Jumping the Gun: There's a Push for Trump to Issue Mass Pardons for Former Aides

It would be a bad idea.

Fresh off of indictments handed down against 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies, Trump’s backers are pushing for sweeping pardons of everyone else involved in the ongoing Russia probe: Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and George Papadopoulos.


Of those calling for pardons, according to Axios:

Tom Fitton, president of the conservative group Judicial Watch, said alleged anti-Trump bias at the Justice Department and FBI would justify granting pardons.

Yeah. Do better than that.

There has been a lot of noise made about “anti-Trump bias,” but none of it has proven to be so egregious that the entire investigation should be scrapped, nor does any of it get Gates, Manafort, Flynn, or Papdopoulos off the hook. It’s ridiculous to even suggest it.

Flynn’s family members are also urging the president to use his legal power.

Of course they are.

Mainly, it is Michael Flynn, Jr. calling for his dad to be pardoned.

Flynn Jr. was rumored to be in the sites of special counsel Robert Mueller, at one point, and there may come a time when he ends up on the block with his dad.

For the time being, Mike Cernovich may be on to something… sort of.


Alt-right activist Mike Cernovich said it would trigger some backlash, suggesting that Trump should wait until after the midterm elections.

It would certainly trigger backlash, outrage, and comparisons to authoritarian governments where there is no law except that of the ruling party.

There’s no indication that Trump is considering signing off on mass pardons for his pals. He has previously been asked about pardoning Flynn, but was noncommittal, at that point.

It’ll be interesting to see if Trump risks the fallout.



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