After Thirteen Indictments, the White House Rushes to Give a Propaganda Win to the Russians

Great job. Another stellar performance from the little worker drones in the Trump White House.

One of the big stories to drop heading into this weekend was that special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury had handed down indictments against 13 Russians, for a host of charges, ranging from wire fraud to identity theft.


These 13 were members of the Russian “troll farm” that spent so much time before and after the 2016 election, sowing turmoil and division among Americans.

And while there is no connection to any American to the troll farm, per Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, their efforts certainly drew in unwitting American support, across social media outlets.

This announcement did several things.

It proved Trump’s whining about the “Russia hoax” was just that. Whining.

Russians were, very much, attempting to meddle in the election, as well as American lives. They launched an influence campaign  meant to rip us apart.

It also proved that Mueller isn’t on a “witch hunt,” spending every hour attempting to nail Trump or his team.

Nobody knew this was coming. Nobody realized just how deep and detailed Mueller’s efforts were. He kept this one close, and nothing leaked or gave away his hand.

This was a wake up call: Mueller is taking this investigation seriously, and it is time for his detractors to step back and give him his due respect.

Yeah. We know that’s not going to happen.

If you need further proof of this White House’s devotion to all thing-Russia (because, somehow, pushing to have the GOP platform on Russian activities in Ukraine softened at the RNC convention, or a president that refuses to sign further sanctions against them doesn’t quite do it), just look to Deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley.


Gidley took to American Pravda (Fox News, for those who’ve missed it) over the weekend, to talk about the 13 indictments.

As the three toadies on the couch nodded in agreement, like obedient lackies should, this official White House spokesman handed over a neat, convenient bit of propaganda to the Russians.

RT, known to be a Russian propaganda outlet, took his statement and ran with it, making this a feature story on their website.

It’s Democrats and the media – not the Russians who committed wire fraud and identity theft, in order to exacerbate tensions among Americans, or who hacked into DNC emails – that are more to blame for chaos in this nation.

Gidley called fellow Americans – Democrats and the media – liars, in favor of a hostile foreign government, who would like nothing more than to see the U.S. destroyed from the inside, and made weak and ineffective in the world.

And did Gidley make this comment on his own?

No. He’s the spokesman sent out to speak on behalf of the White House, and what he did, on behalf of the Trump White House, was take news that Russians have been charged with bad deeds within our nation, and give them a win.


So while patriotic Americans look at the news of Russians attempting to tear our nation apart with outrage, a few stooges and useful idiots are bouncing up and down, cheering for the Russians.

Because they don’t realize how this damages us. They only care about fealty to Trump, and by extension, to Trump’s pals.



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