Trump "Pastor" to Make a Run for Trey Gowdy's House Seat

He’s hoping that Trump train compromise on his alleged faith will be enough to take him to a victory in South Carolina.

Mark Burns, a pastor from the Palmetto state, and an early supporter of Trump’s has announced his intention to run for the House seat soon to be vacated by Rep. Trey Gowdy.


He’s one of the members of Trump’s “Faith Advisory Council” who hasn’t been encumbered by the conviction of the Holy Spirit yet, so he stays.

In a video, Burns announced his run and touted his connection to Trump (complete with images of he and Trump together, in case you missed it) as reasons to vote for him.

Said Burns:

 “We need to combat leftist, liberal ideology that’s dividing our nation. It’s creating dependency,” Burns told Bloomberg in an interview.

“We need to create opportunities over dependency – dependency is what’s plaguing our low-income communities. As a black man, I’m able to say what white politicians cannot say because they don’t want to be labeled a racist.”

Oh, yeah. We want to make sure that racial hook is in there.

Burns is going to need all the help he can get, so he’s betting on the MAGA crew to have enough steam to pull him over. He’s going to have to beat 5 other Republican hopefuls (so far) to get the nomination.

One of those is my good friend (and fellow RedStater), Josh Kimbrell.

For his part, Rep. Gowdy has tired of the partisan bickering of D.C., and is returning to his former career in the justice system.


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