Mitt Romney Gets His First Big Endorsement

They shared the same ticket in 2012, so this seems appropriate.

House Speaker Paul Ryan responded to Mitt Romney’s announcement to run for Senator Orrin Hatch’s soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat with a resounding endorsement.


“This is a terrific day for the United States Senate,” Ryan said. “I was honored to join Mitt Romney on the national ticket in 2012 and couldn’t be happier that he’s running for this seat.

“Our party and our country are always better off when Mitt is engaged, and I know that he will put his unparalleled experience, conservative leadership, and lifetime of service to work for Utah in the U.S. Senate,” Ryan said. “His campaign has my unwavering support, and the people of Utah will be getting an accomplished and decent man when they make him their next Senator.”

Mitt Romney does seem like a nice enough guy.

I mean, I doubt there’s a single porn star in his closet.

That being said, he is the epitome of a squishy moderate. He could have walked away with the election in 2012, but after his lame performance in the third debate of the election season, I’m convinced he voted for Obama.

The argument begins now by some that Romney doesn’t live in Utah, but rather, lives in Massachusetts, the state where he was governor.

Romney is popular in Utah, however.

I’m going to go ahead and make this prediction: Romney just won Utah by announcing he’s running.


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