Piers Morgan Alleges Former White House Aide Once Made an Indecent Proposal to Him

Oh, wow. Seriously?

Actually, I have no problem believing this is true.

Piers Morgan, a former contestant on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” along with Omarosa Manigault, has written an op-ed for British tabloid, the Daily Mail.


In the op-ed, Morgan goes hard at Omarosa, questioning, first and foremost, how a “relentlessly loathesome” person like her was even given a job in the administration.

He must have missed all her slavish talk of bowing enemies, prone at Donald Trump’s feet.

He then goes on to detail a disturbing conversation with Omarosa, in which she suggested they sleep together, in order to win the reality TV contest.

“I’ve met a lot of vile human beings in my life, from dictators and terrorists to sex abusers and wicked conmen. But I’ve never met anyone quite so relentlessly loathsome as Omarosa; a vicious, duplicitous, lying, conniving, backstabbing piece of work,” Morgan wrote.

Those British… always so reserved and polite.

He said that Omarosa called her plan a “showmance.”

” ‘Piers, do you want a showmance?’ ” Morgan quotes the former White House aide as saying.

” ‘A showmance. You know, a romance on the show — we get it on together. Happens all the time on Apprentice. Everyone has sex together. Then we can make lots of money out of it,’ ” she reportedly added.

Yuck. That’s pretty sick.


Maybe she was a baby Christian, then.

Morgan went on to say that when he refused her plan, she began attacking his sexuality.

“You must be joking, you deluded woman,” Morgan says he responded.

“She didn’t take it well. ‘What are you? Gay?’ ” Morgan continues.

She apparently even took that on-camera, questioning his orientation as part of the show. He tried to laugh it off, but it was no laughing matter.

“Beneath the laughs though lay a less savoury truth,” Morgan wrote. “Omarosa is a reprehensible human being, prepared to offer sex to win a reality TV show and use the most vile homophobic slurs against rival contestants.”

Despite this, he writes, Trump “took this serial loser, and horrible human being, into the heart of the White House to spread her poison.”

Trump doesn’t share the same distaste for such character flaws as you, Piers.

It took Chief of Staff John Kelly to uproot that particular weed.

Now that she’s cut free, she’s doing what scorpions do – she’s stinging.

Back to reality TV, she’s on “Celebrity Big Brother” and teasing all sorts of dysfunction with the Trump administration.


Drama, drama, drama.

Morgan says that he actually considers the hiring of Omarosa on par with the hiring of Rob Porter, the White House staff secretary forced to step down last week, due to domestic violence reports from 2 former wives and an ex-girlfriend.

And let’s not forget that tell-all book that’s on the way.

That’s the problem when you yoke yourself with such creatures. Eventually, they turn on you.




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