OH, Please, No: Trump Groupie, Jeanine Pirro to Pen Response to "Fire and Fury" Best Seller

Oh, no.

It’s coming – all the shrill, stomach-churning grotesqueness of one of Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro’s propaganda shows, to print.

In subservience to her hay-haired liege, Pirro intends to write an answer to the best-selling “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” by Michael Wolff.


Sources have informed the New York Times that on Wednesday of last week, Pirro and President Trump met and discussed the project over lunch.

From Business Insider:

The new book, known informally by West Wing staff as “No Fire, No Fury,” would seek to rebuke the notion pushed throughout Wolff’s book that Trump is unstable and unfit for the presidency. Among an array of wild and thinly sourced claims, Wolff wrote that every single person around Trump, including his top advisors and family members, questioned his intelligence.

There was a lot more than just his intelligence questioned in the book, but I’m absolutely not surprised that that’s where his focus rests. It really is all about him, his image, his brand. I don’t think he’s that concerned with some of the periphery items.

Pirro, 66, is one of Trump’s most vocal champions in the media and was already working on a book set for June 12 publication titled “Liars, Leakers and Liberals.” It’s unclear whether that book will contain the Trump interview and rebuttals to Wolff’s claims, though Pirro told The Times that the book will not be a “direct response to ‘Fire and Fury.'”

“The title on Amazon always has been and continues to be ‘Liars, Leakers and Liberals’ and I plan to cover all of them,” Pirro said in a statement.

With another tell-all book from former White House aide/full-time drama queen, Omarosa Manigault-Newman in the works, as well, you have to wonder if any more are in the wings.

The Trump White House, despite Trump and his loyalists’ whitewash, is at least as tumultuous as you would imagine it to be, in order to have the astounding amount of turnover in the ranks that it has had.


If even half of those decide to capitalize on their former positions on the inside and write books, Pirro will have to give up her Fox News platform, in order to dedicate herself to writing the official state position rebuttals to them all.

For now, I’m going to give you a [probable] synopsis of the upcoming Trump defense screed:

“Donald Trump is the most noble and giving man in recorded history.”

“Donald Trump is Jesus, Ghandi, and Albert Einstein, squared. All who know him are in awe of him.”

“Donald Trump is not balding.”

“Donald Trump actually enjoyed the most overwhelming election victory in the history of the nation, with nearly a billion enthusiastic Americans turning out to vote for him. Had it not been for illegal immigrants and terrorists being allowed to vote in California, Hillary Clinton would not have received a single vote.”

“Robert Mueller drinks the blood of newborns, supplied to him by the Deep State.”

And if any of you think I’m just being goofy, then you’ve obviously never watched Pirro in action.




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