One Philadelphia Eagles Player Explains Why He Won't Be Visiting the White House (and He's Right)

This is how you do it.

First of all, a belated congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles on their Super Bowl win.

They’re not my team (Next season, Cam. Next season). I didn’t watch the game – not because of some senseless boycott, but because I didn’t have a dog in that hunt. I was happy to hear they won, though.


I was particularly moved by some of the images and quotes coming from that day, however.

A quarterback who wants to be a pastor… a coach who gives thanks and honor to God… a picture of players on their knees, holding hands, heads bowed in prayer…

Oh, yeah. That’s the ticket.

Too bad Philadelphia fans aren’t as respectful.

And a special heads up to Tim Tebow. You have been vindicated, Sir.

Now, with all that said, nothing about this next story shocks me, nor should it outrage anyone else, given the reasoning.

Torrey Smith, wide receiver for the Eagles, will not be making a trip to the White House to meet President Trump.

Is he boycotting Trump?

Not exactly.

Appearing Tuesday night on CNN’s “Tonight with Don Lemon,” Smith quite adequately and eloquently explained that he just doesn’t think Trump is a “good person.”

“For me, it’s not just about politics,” he said. “You know, if I told you that I was invited to a party by an individual that I believe is sexist or has no respect for women, or I told that you this individual has said offensive things towards many minority groups and I don’t feel comfortable by it, this individual also called my peers and my friends SOBs, you would understand why I wouldn’t want to go to that party.”

“So, why is it any different when this person has the title of president of the United States? I mean, it’s really that simple.  I don’t think it’s something that I personally feel inclined to be involved with.”


Who is going to rip the guy for this? He’s using the same standard Christians should have used in placing their vote, actually.

And of course, there will be some who will want to attack and demean those who refuse to meet Trump. That’s inevitable.

I’m curious to see if there’s even a meeting arranged, considering Trump’s boycott push and attacks on the NFL.

It did seem a bit hypocritical for Trump to throw a Super Bowl bash after his anti-NFL antics throughout the season.

Then again, nobody holds Trump accountable for things he says and does, including his flip-flops.




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