WATCH: What Do Hope Hicks, Louis Farrakhan, and Trump Have in Common? (SNL's Latest Cold Open)

Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live’s cold open this week, along with Louis Farrakhan.

Ok. Not really Louis Farrakhan, but a hilarious sketch that featured the bobbleheaded Trump sycophants of Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” brought on “Farrakhan” (cast member Chris Redd) because of what they now have in common – hatred of the FBI.


It was hilarious because Farrakhan is still the same, soulless, hate-filled pimp he always was, who has had his problems with the FBI (for good reason), but now Fox News has found common ground with him.

Then, of course, there was the morning call from “President Trump,” himself. That would be, Alec Baldwin in bed, eating an Egg McMuffin and sipping a diet Coke.

It was the usual Trump praisefest, with absolutely no push back from the “Fox & Friends” crew.

“I’m saving the economy, destroying ISIS, and right now getting my daily Intelligence briefing… from you guys,” Baldwin says as Trump.

“Thanks so much. Your show is so great. Yuuuge ratings! Of course, not as big as the ratings for my State of the Union speech, which was watched by 10 billion people including all of China. Now they say there’s only seven billion people on Earth, so where do the other three billion people come from? Illegals? I don’t know.”

Baldwin-as-Trump also touches on the subject of Devin Nunes and the memo, of course.


I was actually expecting this one. It would have been a big ball drop for the SNL writers to let mention of the memo get away from them.

“But guys, this memo might be the greatest memo since the Declaration of Independence. I don’t know, I haven’t read either one of them. And Devin Nunes, I love that guy, my sweet little house elf so close to earning his freedom. His memo proves that the FBI is biased and they have a history of this folks.”


This past week and the behavior of Republican lawmakers has given them plenty to work with. They didn’t let it go to waste.


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