You're Going to Want to Hear What Trey Gowdy Says About the Nunes Memo (BOOM)

He’s leaving. He can be completely honest, so I trust his reaction.

Not that Rep. Trey Gowdy wouldn’t be completely upfront about the hyper-partisan Devin Nunes memo, in the first place.


In a short, concise Twitter thread, the former prosecutor and outgoing congressman gives his immediate thoughts on what will be a hotly debated issue for weeks.

The problem is, there seems to be some glaring holes in what is presented. It’s almost certain that “leaks” from other sources will begin to fill up those holes and make a complete picture.


I’m pretty sure I called that one, earlier.

Troublesome does not equate to criminal.

Gowdy is adept enough at the law that at the very least, even Trump’s devotees should be willing to take his words into consideration.


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