If Only Richard Nixon Had His Own Sean Hannity

Ugh. Talk about a talk radio wasteland.

I’m speaking specifically of Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Lacking proper volume in the echo chamber, he invited Geraldo Rivera on to discuss all the blistering topics of the day.


That, of course, along with some queasy, bizarre interlude of praise for Hannity’s unhinged methods.

Hannity, a vocal defender of President Trump, opened a segment on his radio show with criticism of what he perceives to be anti-Trump bias in the FBI and Justice Department probes into Russian meddling in the presidential election.

“Nixon never would have been forced to resign if you existed in your current state back in 1972, ’73, ’74,” Rivera told Hannity on his radio show.

“It’s too bad for Nixon, because nobody like you existed then. I say that because I believe that our prime responsibility now is to unshackle the 45th president of the United States.”

There’s something really other worldly about hearing Rivera pine for the days of Nixon.

Rivera said he wished Trump could be “free of this,” referring to the Russia investigation, but claimed the probe is now a “toothless tiger” because of the memo’s allegations of surveillance abuses at the Justice Department.


Rivera has a way of overstating things to the point of the absurd.

This would be one of those times.

Should the memo be more than the smoke and mirrors conjured up from Rep. Devin Nunes’ mind, the hope that it will be the end of the Russia probe may be in vain.

The nutty reaches some of these talking heads are willing to make is laughable beyond all reason.


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