Marco Rubio OWNS CBS Host on MS-13 Facts (and You Can Watch Here)

President Trump got this one right in his first State of the Union address, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio is backing him up.

While talking about immigration, and in particular, the reason for more stringent protections against illegal immigration, the president mentioned MS-13, a hardcore gang of murderous thugs.


The Justice Department has began a crackdown on the gang, and that’s absolutely the right thing to do. These aren’t the poor, huddled masses, seeking a better life for their families. These are dangerous criminals who bring nothing of any value to any place they are allowed to burrow in and fester.

They are social rot.

There was even a Google search spike for MS-13 after Trump mentioned them, and that’s a good thing. The more people informed of this scourge, the better.

And while some argued Trump spent far too much time talking about MS-13, in an attempt to broadly signal that all immigrants are suspect, Rubio begged to differ.

“The bottom line is MS-13 is an evil, horrifying organization that’s killing and hurting people all over the country,” Rubio said on CBS’s “This Morning.” “Of course the majority of immigrants are not members of MS-13.”

“[Trump] never said they were,” he added. “And my second point is, the majority of the victims of MS-13 happen to be from immigrant families and immigrant communities.”


It leaves Democrats and pro-open borders advocates in a quandary: Are they for protecting immigrants, or are they willing to allow immigrants to be harmed, as long as those borders are erased?

Rubio further pointed out that to avoid speaking about MS-13, so as not to offend Hispanic immigrants is equivalent to saying you couldn’t criticize the mafia, because they’re Italian-American.

He’s not wrong.


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