BREAKING: Nunes Altered Memo Before Sending It to the White House for Review

Representative Adam Schiff is alleging that the memo crafted by Devin Nunes, and voted on by the House Intelligence Committee earlier this week is not the memo sent to the White House.


In a letter, Rep. Schiff noted:

This evening, the Committee Minority discovered that the classified memorandum shared by the Committee Majority with the White House is not, in fact, the same document that Members of the House of Representatives have been reviewing since January 18, 2018 and that the Committee Majority voted on Monday to release to the public, over objections from the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He goes on to say that upon discovering the differences, the minority members were allowed to see the version of the memo that was sent to the White House for review, and that there were “material differences” in what was originally voted on.

It’s not clear what changes were made, but Schiff defined them as “substantive,” and recommended that the memo sent to the White House be withdrawn, in order to allow for a new vote by the committee.


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