MLB News: Chief Wahoo Is No More, as Cleveland Indians Decide to Nix the Popular Mascot

Political correctness claims another scalp.

Major League Baseball, in keeping with the ultra-sensitive times, has decided that there will be no more “Chief Wahoo” as mascot of the Cleveland Indians.


MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement to the newspaper that the logo, which is a cartoon depiction of a Native American, is “no longer appropriate for on-field use.”

For 70 years, Chief Wahoo has been the team mascot, featured on uniforms and official merchandise.

In recent years, however, activists have deemed the image as “racist” and insensitive to Native Americans.

The Atlanta Braves have gone through a similar transformation, dropping their mascot, in favor of some kind of ridiculous muppet called “Blooper,” who has nothing to do with being a brave.

Manfred and team owner Paul Dolan had spoken in recent years about transitioning away from using Chief Wahoo, according to multiple reports.

Dolan said in a statement to The New York Times that he agreed with Manfred’s wishes to remove the logo, despite fans’ attachment to the character.

The team last season generally wore hats embroidered with a “C” and shirts with “Cleveland” or “Indians” scrawled on the front. The logo remained on the sleeves, however.


It seems a pointless, silly exercise.

No one chooses a team name to convey anything negative. In fact, team names are chosen to inspire thoughts of bravery, tenacity, fierceness, and other

From here on out, in order to stay politically correct and assure no grievance committee can take exception, maybe all sports teams should be named, Team A, Team B, Team C, etc…


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