OH, NO! Sean Hannity's Twitter Account Goes Missing and the Internet Goes NUTS!

If you want to know what alt-right panic looks like, look no further than the current top trending item on Twitter: Sean Hannity’s Twitter.

At some point during the night, Fox News host and Trump’s best gimp, Sean Hannity’s Twitter account mysteriously disappeared. The ensuing panic from alt-righters, Infowars regulars, and accounts with tags reading #MAGA and #releasethememo was nothing, if not frantic and hilarious.


Garbage heap sites like Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and TruePundit all went into fevered conspiracy theory-mode, further exacerbating their core readership.

There’s no word yet on what caused the shut down of Hannity’s account, but it appears to be back up, at this hour, along with his last tweet from Friday night, reading only: Form Submission 1649 and his hashtag, #Hannity.


I have no idea if what that means.
OH, but you know the theories of what that means ran rampant.





Almost all of Hannity’s followers, as well as follows seem to have disappeared, once the account was restored.

I wrote it off to what was left after all the Russian bot and troll accounts were cleared out.

A week ago, Hannity’s new best pal, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange saw his account briefly dunked. Of course that means Twitter is trying to shut down “truth fighters.”


There’s no answer now as to what that may mean, other than there are about 1,000 Russian bots working overtime now to connect these incidents to the FBI and the “Deep State,” rather than the more likely scenario of another mischievous Twitter intern or Hannity doing something that outright violates the Twitter rules of conduct. Either are likely.

Also likely is he’ll squeeze a week’s worth of material out of this, at minimum.


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