Saturday Night Live's Cold Open Tackles the Trump Physical Press Conference (and It's Excellent)

You had to know that the folks over at Saturday Night Live were going to touch on the press conference given by Dr. Ronny Jackson, and his bizarre assessment of President Trump’s health.
In fact, Dr. Jackson, as played by cast member Beck Bennett, seemed unusually taken with the results of President Trump’s physical.


He takes Crestor – which is perfectly normal.
And he takes Propecia – as an inside joke.

He defined Trump as being a svelte 239 pounds, with a perfect 44-inch Coke bottle waist.

When asked the all important question, regarding Trump’s mental health and the cognitive exam taken, “Dr. Jackson” was asked if it was true Trump had scored higher than any other president.
Said the doctor: “In fairness, no other president has been given this exam. We typically only use it to make sure someone’s not severely brain damaged, or a monkey in people clothes.”
It was a hilarious and really captured the “odd” spirit of Jackson’s press conference.


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