Social Media Lights Up With Calls on Congress to #ReleaseTheMemo

There have been plaintive cries over whether RedState would cover the memo held by the House Intelligence Committee, regarding alleged bias and some insidious plot by the DOJ and FBI to bring down President Trump.


News of the memo has had loyalists breathless and swooning, as evidenced by Trump’s best boy at Fox News, Sean Hannity, who declared with a melodramatic flair on Thursday night that the “witch hunt” was over.

The ignorance of Hannity’s proclamation was in that he attacked special counsel Robert Mueller, saying his witch hunt was over, as if this all originated with him.

I have to point out that Mueller didn’t start this investigation. He was assigned by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to carry out a job. That’s it.

And I’ll tell you what the scuttlebutt on the as-yet-unrevealed memo is:

Those text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, FBI attorney Lisa Page – Rep. Devin Nunes repackaged them into a memo and began pushing the idea that it was completely different news than what we’ve already been made aware of.

There may be a bit more to it, but some of Trump’s attack dogs within the GOP are pushing it as if it’s something new and world-shaking.

They’ve got some help.

For a large part of Friday morning, #ReleaseTheMemo was at the top of the trending lists. So who had it trending? Trump’s most loyal and faithful defenders?


And by “Trump’s most loyal and faithful defenders,” I mean the Kremlin.


#ReleaseTheMemo is the top trending hashtag among Twitter accounts believed to be operated by Kremlin-linked groups, according to Hamilton 68, a website which tracks Russian propaganda online.

Hamilton 68 is spearheaded by Clint Watts, an expert on foreign actors using American social media. Watts has testified before Congress multiple times on the matter.

How is it that every time the redcappers start frothing and MAGA-twitching, Russians are the ones pushing the buttons and making them dance?

What was discovered about the hashtag is that over the last several days, it has increased by an astounding 286,700 percent. It’s been used 100 times more by the Kremlin-based accounts being monitored by Hamilton 68.

Also, those accounts are linking to and the submission page.

While Nunes and other Republican lawmakers, such as Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis and New York Rep. Lee Zeldin have pushed to have the memo released, not everyone agrees that the need is so urgent.

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff is resisting the release, and has offered this:

“The very distorted talking points I think are completely misleading, but then I think they are intended to be. Leave it to the majority to secure the help of Julian Assange and Russian bots who are pushing this campaign right now,” Schiff said on Friday.

“I think the majority is doing a terrible disservice to the FBI and law enforcement in general.”


This is one of those rare instances where Schiff and I would be in agreement.

The goal of the MAGA crew, as prompted by their Kremlin masters is to destabilize and ultimately destroy the DOJ and the FBI.


Because the DOJ and FBI are a wall between this nation and what the Kremlin are attempting to do to us, but they’ve been convinced that this is the way to protect Trump.

Russia is not our friend.

The frightening thing is how they’ve harnessed the internet and a large portion of useful idiots in American society, to be unwitting dupes in advancing the cause of the Kremlin.

And it’s as easy as a hashtag.



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