EVERYBODY Helped Michael Wolff With His Book

While the White House insists that Michael Wolff had no access and his book is a fraud, he begs to differ.

In fact, Wolff has suggested that everybody who was anybody in the Trump circle helped him get interviews for the book.




Said Wolff:

“Everybody was told to speak to me,” Wolff said in an excerpt from his interview set to air in full on CNN’s “Tonight with Don Lemon.”

“[Stephen] Bannon told people to cooperate, Sean Spicer told people to cooperate, Kellyanne Conway told people to cooperate, Hope Hicks,” he said respectively about the president’s former chief strategist, former press secretary, senior adviser and current communications director.

And it is quite the collection of quotes he was given.

Earlier today, former White House aide Seb Gorka seemed to say he’d been instructed to help Wolff.

Wolff is claiming over 200 interviews, in putting together his book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

“Why are they saying its fake?” Lemon asks.

“Because they are liars,” Wolff responds.

“He doesn’t tell the truth because he doesn’t know what the truth is.”

There are those who insist Wolff is the liar, and that the book is evidence.

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is one of them.


“Considering his track record, chalk this up to another made up story by Michael Wolff. There is not a single staffer that I asked to cooperate with or meet with him,” Spicer said.

We haven’t heard from Kellyanne Conway or Hope Hicks, yet.

Wolff acknowledges in the book’s introduction that certain parts of the book reflect “a version of events I believe to be true” but that are sometimes based on conflicting accounts.

Sssooo… he basically took those conflicting stories and gleaned his own conclusion?

So much of the book deals with Trump’s mental stability, and the concern it caused those working around him.

Trump lashed out over the weekend and declared himself a “stable genius.”

We’re still trying to figure out what that one is.


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