WikiLeaks Nabs the Full Text of "Fire and Fury"

Have you got your copy of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” yet?


That’s ok. In what appears to be a favor to Trump, by denying any further profits to the publishers or the author, WikiLeaks has nabbed the full text of the book and made it available online.


*As has been recommended, I took down the WikiLeaks link, because I don’t want to be seen as encouraging their theft. You can still find the link on their Twitter page.*


Depending on how much you believe, the book is full of either lies, half-truths, or some really uncomfortable facts.

Either way you slice it, it doesn’t paint the most agreeable picture of the Trump administration.

Steve Bannon seems to have been outed as the source of a lot of the turmoil in the first few months of the administration. That’s probably because he was always in it to see how far he could ascend the rungs of power, himself.

Among other things, Bannon suggested that Donald Trump Jr’s June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with several Russians, ostensibly to receive Russian-gathered dirt on Hillary Clinton, was “treasonous” and an issue that should have been turned over to the FBI, immediately.

Trumps and the sycophants that grovel at their feet, waiting for their scraps don’t really like to be told that something a Trump does might not be lawful.

That wasn’t the only issue raised by Bannon (or others).

The book has also raised concerns about Trump’s mental fitness. The president fired back at those questions in a tweetstorm Saturday, calling himself a “stable genius.”


And like, really smart.

Still, if there’s any way to save the day, WikiLeaks is ready to put their Russian hackers to work.

WikiLeaks has a long history with Trump. Trump Jr. corresponded with the site during the presidential campaign, and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner also received emails about Russia and WikiLeaks before the election.

WikiLeaks is widely believed to be one man – Julian Assange – and that one man is using his platform as a tool for the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, the publishers of the book are rushing to print more. The book has been selling out all over the country. This leak may slow the sales, but it’s not likely to dry up profits, completely.


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