Jared Kushner's Family Business May Be in Hot Water With the SEC

More trouble for Jared Kushner.

It appears the Security and Exchanges Committee (SEC) are quite interested in how Jared Kushner’s real estate company utilized the EB-5 visa program, which provides green cards for immigrant investors of $500,000 or more into American companies.


In May 2017 Kushner’s business came under scrutiny for hosting a group of Chinese investors in Beijing and promoting the idea of investing in their company, in exchange for those EB-5 visas – possibly using Kushner’s position in the Trump administration as the guarantee.

The SEC has joined with the Brooklyn U.S. attorney’s office, which has a current, ongoing investigation into some Kushner Company projects that have seen partial funding through the visa program.

A Kushner Companies spokeswoman referred to a previous statement about the Brooklyn attorney’s probe.

“Kushner Cos. utilized the program, fully complied with its rules and regulations, and did nothing improper. We are cooperating with legal requests for information,” general counsel Emily Wolff said in the past statement.

Kushner, who serves as a senior aide to his father-in-law, resigned his post with the company last year, in order to take the job in the administration. He still has interest in the company, however, and the troublesome part in this is his access to the president.

Optics, even if nothing overtly wrong is going on, matter.


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