"Fire and Fury" Author Is Standing by His Claims of White House Staffers' Concerns

You can believe him, or not, but “Fire and Fury” author, Michael Wolff is not backing down from his claims within his book that there’s a legitimate concern for Trump’s mental health and stability.

I actually believe this part, more than anything else that has been revealed in the book, based solely on the behavior of the petulant man-baby taking up space in the Oval Office.

Hot Tip: If you want people to think you’re stable and not at all mentally unfit, stop acting like you’re unstable and mentally unfit.

In a BBC interview, Wolff claims that he didn’t just randomly declare the president some sort of lunatic, but that during his time gathering material for the book, he actually witnessed White House aides discussing Trump’s instability.

“The truth is, over this period that I witnessed, this seven or eight months, they all came to the conclusion gradually at first, then faster and faster, that something was unbelievable amiss here,” Wolff explained. “That this was more peculiar than they ever imagined it could be.”

So are White House aides really stressing over Trump’s mental status, or is Wolff just a magnificent fibber?

Again I say, it would be easier to believe the latter, if not for Trump’s behavior.

“And at the end, they had to look at Donald Trump and say, ‘No, this is a man who can’t function in his job as president.’ He may have been elected president, but that does not turn him into president,” he added.

So much “BOOM” there, I’m thinking of having that last line put on a billboard.

Wolff further explained that Trump was viewed by senior aides as “childish” with a need for immediate gratification.

Those of us who are, or who have been parents to toddlers actually understand what that means.

Wolff wrote in his book that “100 percent” of people close to Trump with whom he spoke concluded Trump was “incapable of functioning in his job.” The release of that excerpt, along with a report earlier this week revealed that lawmakers met with a psychiatrist to question the president’s mental health, sparked a national conversation on the topic.

That’s right. Over a dozen lawmakers met with a Yale University psychiatrist to discuss Trump’s mental state, in early December.

Of course, of those lawmakers, a dozen were Democrats. One unnamed Republican senator took part in the discussion with Dr. Brandy Lee, who predicted that Trump was “unraveling,” and we’re just seeing the beginning.

To be clear, Dr. Lee has not spoken with Trump, making her prediction unethical, at the very least.

And “unraveling” isn’t really a diagnosis. It’s just a description of behavior.

For his part, Trump and the White House have bucked any notion that the cheese has slid off of his cracker.

He’s smart. He’s like, really smart. And a stable genius.

Just ask him.




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