An Early Suggestion for White House Chief of Staff - John WHO?

FILE - In this Feb. 26, 2015 file photo, then-House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington. Boehner’s rhetorical takedown of Sen. Ted Cruz, a presidential candidate and fellow Republican, has popped the cork off a bottle bubbling with bitter GOP recriminations. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Is his memory getting that bad? Did he not understand what the man said?

Or did Michael Wolff get some bad info?

Of all the juicy, and sometimes ridiculous info coming out ahead of the release of the new book about the Trump White House, this one might be off the mark.


According to the book, the day after the election, Trump was meeting with former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, as Ailes advised him on his next moves.

Particularly, Ailes advised that John Boehner would make a good addition to the Trump circle.

“You need a son of a b*tch as your chief of staff,” Ailes reportedly told Trump. “And you need a son of a b*tch who knows Washington. You’ll want to be your own son of a b*tch, but you don’t know Washington.”

Ailes suggested to Trump that Boehner, who had retired from Congress just one year earlier, would be a good pick.

“Who’s that?” Trump reportedly asked in response.

He’s that guy. He cries a lot and his skin is as oddly hued as yours.

Trump apparently knew that, or did know that, at one time, as past tweets suggest.


And of course, Trump Jr., who probably is fuming over earlier excerpts from the book, chimed in on Twitter.


Another reveal from the book is that Trump initially wanted to make Jared Kushner his chief of staff, but Ann Coulter may have put the brakes on that one.

“Nobody is apparently telling you this,” Coulter reportedly told Trump. “But you can’t. You just can’t hire your children.”

Not all the time, no, but he certainly gave it a shot.



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