Possibly President Trump's Greatest Accomplishment

Because of course he does.

The good news is: 2017 was apparently the safest year on record for airline travel throughout the world. In fact, there were only two crashes, involving the small, turbo-prop styled aircraft, resulting in 13 fatalities.


By comparison, 2016 had 271 deaths related to aircraft accidents.

It’s an interesting and positive bit of news.

It’s actually the kind of news that might have gone completely unnoticed, except for those people involved in the industry, or by those that just have a particular interest in air travel.

And now for the part that will make sane people go full head-desk:

President Trump is taking credit for it.

Because… Trump.


How has he been strict on commercial aviation, and how does that impact travel safety in all the world?

The simple answer is, it doesn’t. This is just more of a megalomaniac’s bizarre, unhinged need for affirmation of his oversized ego.

Trump’s godlike vision of himself and the impact he’s having would be hilarious, if not for the fact he’s in control of our nation.

I’m wondering if he’ll take responsibility for any crashes that may come in 2018?

I promise you, if it happens (and I hope it doesn’t), it will not be his fault, even though he lays claim to how these things happen, now.



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