More American Workers Are About to See Benefit From the GOP Tax Bill

Southwest Airlines employees are about to get a New Year’s treat, thanks to the recently signed GOP tax bill.

Like AT&T, there’s a $1,000 bonus on the way.

“We applaud Congress and the president for taking this action to pass legislation, which will result in meaningful corporate income tax reform for the transportation sector in general, and for Southwest Airlines, in particular,” Southwest’s CEO Gary Kelly said. “We are excited about the savings and additional capital, which we intend to put to work in several forms — to reward our hard-working employees, to reinvest in our business, to reward our shareholders, and to keep our costs and fares low for our customers.”

Kelly also said the company donated an incremental $5 million to charities because of the tax reform bill.



Southwest joins a list of companies that are taking those corporate tax cuts and passing the savings down to the employees. AT&T, as mentioned, has given a $1,000 bonus, while Wells Fargo and Fifth Third Bancorp will be raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour.

For any liberals reading, that would be employees – the regular, working class citizens (not the executives) that could use those bonuses to pay bills or do something to lighten their daily load.

The bonuses are coming on January 8, and any who were employed on December 31, 2017, full or part-time, are eligible.



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