Singer Assaulted by Former Trump Campaign Manager Just Wants an Apology

Good luck with that.

Joy Villa, the pro-Trump singer who accused former Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski of slapping her on the rear several times at a recent Trump party has already filed charges against the diminutive skunk (for sexual assault).


Now she’s saying she really wants an apology.

“I really want an apology,” Villa said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “It’s a hard situation because this is a crime that was committed against me.”

“For me, really want I want – I want this to be resolved in a manner that all of us can come out feeling good about it,” she added. “I don’t want to keep dragging his name through the mud and keep the press going on it.”

Lewandowski actually appeared on Fox Business Network this week and blew off the case, telling host Charles Payne that he’d handle it the way Payne handled the accusations against him (from Scottie Nell Hughes – claims that were ultimately dismissed): He’d let due process play out.

The thing is, there were witnesses to the situation with Villa.

Villa approached Lewandowski (whom she’d never met) and apparently asked for a photo together. Lewandowski, she said, was dismissive and rolled his eyes, but somebody pushed them together, and after taking the photo, Lewandowski slapped her on her rear end.

She commented that she could get him for sexual harassment. He allegedly told her he worked private sector and slapped her rear again.


Soon after revealing her story, Villa was hit with video of herself at another party, slapping a man named George Harris on his rear end.

Fox News ran that particular story and video.

“I was being stupid. It was at a party in Las Vegas, and I did stop,” Villa said. “And if I offended George, you know, I totally apologize.”

“And that’s really what we have to do to make sure we have a safe environment. We have to say, ‘I’m sorry,'” she added.

Well, you jumped the Trump train, and being a Trumper means never having to say you’re sorry.

Because you’re not sorry. You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. And if anybody is offended, it’s because they’re flakey little snowflakes. MAGA!

Sorry. I’m just preparing Ms. Villa for what comes next, should she (and she should) decide to go through with the charges she brought against Lewandowski.

I just really don’t see an apology coming. Ask Michelle Fields.


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