Michael Flynn's Brother Appeals to the President for a Pardon

Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn leaves federal court in Washington, Friday, Dec. 1, 2017. Flynn pleaded guilty Friday to making false statements to the FBI, the first Trump White House official to make a guilty plea so far in a wide-ranging investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

I’m pretty sure he didn’t grasp the enormity of what he was asking, at the time.

Joseph Flynn, the younger brother of Michael Flynn, made an appeal straight to the office of the president (Twitter) for a pardon for his brother.


The tweet apparently came in response to one of Trump’s near-daily rants against the FBI and the ongoing Russia probe.

Whether Trump would actually move to pardon Flynn or not is sketchy.

He’s already tried out the pardon thing on another loyalist, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, pardoning him of criminal contempt charges. It wasn’t met warmly. If he were to pardon another of his circle so soon, you can imagine the firestorm it would create.

Still, Joseph Flynn gave it a shot.

“About time you pardoned General Flynn who has taken the biggest fall for all of you given the illegitimacy of this confessed crime in the wake of all this corruption,” Joseph Flynn said in a tweet on Tuesday.

I don’t think it’s quite that simple, though I empathize with his desire to clear his brother’s name. I’d probably do the same, were it one of my brothers.


See… even if this entire endeavor fails in nabbing Moby Trump, Michael Flynn still lied to federal officials about his contacts with Russians, work he was doing with foreign governments, and even pleaded guilty.

Joseph Flynn deleted the tweet shortly after posting it, but later confirmed it as his to Newsweek.

“I said it, and maybe he’s listening,” Flynn’s younger brother said.

He may be, but he’s got to know now is not the time to start pardoning figures that have been swept up in an ongoing investigation.

Trump was asked earlier this month if pardoning Flynn was a possibility. He’s not ruling it out.

“I don’t want to talk about pardons for Michael Flynn yet,” the president said, adding “We’ll see what happens. Let’s see.”

I’m going to say somebody has already talked to him about that and advised him against signaling that a pardon was on the table.


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