Famous Rapper Releases Song That Begs Forgiveness From His Aborted Baby

What a story of someone seeking redemption for a mistake.

Life News is taking on Eminem and his latest album, “Revival.”

Most of the album is just more desperate, leftist tripe. In fact, the rapper has gotten more attention for his admission that he’s frustrated over the lack of notice from President Trump that he has attacked him on the album than he’s gotten for the actual music.


As Life News points out, however, there’s a single track that is being conveniently brushed over.

The song, “River” is a confession of an affair that resulted in a pregnancy. That pregnancy ended with an abortion.

It is unknown if the song is from an actual event, or if it was simply artistic license, but what can’t be ignored is that this isn’t the usual rap song, celebrating “hit-it-and-quit-it.”

The song expresses remorse for both the affair and a baby lost.

Not a clump of cells, but a baby.

The lyrics tell the whole story, sparing no detail: Eminem admitted to being a serial cheater, “a sex addict,” who began an affair with a woman, “Suzanne.” After what started as a  one-night-stand, which left her feeling “deserted and used,” Eminem tried to cover all evidence of their liaison. However, the woman became pregnant.

In a panic, the rapper pushed for an abortion, “We can’t bring her in this world, shoulda knew/To use protection.” He didn’t dance around the issue, but was brutally honest: “I made you terminate my baby.” ‘Baby,” the proper term for an unborn child, but one major media outlets hide from.

Afterwards, Eminem felt that “the person who I’m turning into’s/Irreversible.” He confessed that not only did he take advantage of the woman, but also the abortion and the destruction of the woman’s relationship have made him a hypocrite. He said that when he got “on my soapbox and preach, my sermon and speech,” his mistake was like “detergent and bleach is burnin’ the wound.”

It brings up the issue of the man’s role in abortion. At this time, men don’t really have a say in whether a baby they helped create is aborted, or not. It’s not a man’s “choice,” but the woman’s alone.


More often than not, the woman seeks an abortion because the man wants nothing to do with raising a child. What about the other times, however?

Admittedly, in “River,” the rapper says that he encouraged the abortion, but he lived with regret, afterwards.

He called the child “my baby.” He even admitted that the child might have been a daughter, and that he “really would have loved her smile.” But he knew what he did: “what’s one more lie/to tell an unborn child.” The refrain emphasized his plea for forgiveness: “All my sins need holy water, feel it washing over me.”

Critics and reviewers have chosen to ignore the greater message of the song, focusing on the guest vocals of Ed Sheeran.


If they were to focus on this message, with all its talk of an unborn child and regret over abortion, what would that do to their narrative?

Kudos to Eminem for a willingness to put this message out there, however, and to say the word: Baby.


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