It Would Be "Senator Roy Moore"... if Not for Jeff Sessions

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. pauses as he speaks to media at Trump Tower in New York, Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Wait… what?

Ok. There were a lot of reasons Roy Moore lost his bid for Jeff Sessions’ vacant Senate seat. He was a flawed candidate to begin with, but the bad publicity surrounding his dating habits as a 30-something year old DA in the 70s didn’t help.


What we can say for sure is that Roy Moore didn’t lose because of Jeff Sessions.

Somebody please alert Donald Trump.

According to the Associated Press, Trump has found a series of reasons to dump on the man who jumped the Trump train early and continues to remain faithful.

After Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort’s home was raided by the FBI, as they searched for evidence in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, it definitely made things uncomfortable for the president.

After the raid, he sat in the Oval Office with reporters from the New York Times and began slamming Sessions, unprovoked.

He blamed Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia probe, and feels his exit was the reason there was a special counsel assigned.

Trump continued his assault in a series of tweets in which he called Sessions “weak” and “beleaguered.” Privately, he discussed firing Sessions, but was met with a wave of resistance from his advisers. Some warned it would worsen the Russia probe, while Bannon told the president it would hurt with his base supporters, who loved Sessions’ tough-on-crime approach at the Justice Department.

Kelly, in his first weekend on the job, called Sessions to assure him his position was safe. But the rift between Trump and Sessions still has not healed. Recently, Trump bemoaned the Republicans’ loss in a special election in Alabama and in part blamed Sessions, whose departure from the Senate to head to Justice necessitated the election.


In other words, had Sessions turned down Trump’s offer of a Cabinet position and remained in the Senate, that would have fixed everything.

There’s no way for Sessions to win this one.

No Russia probe. No Democrat Doug Jones in the Senate.

Sessions has become Trump’s scapegoat.

He has reportedly offered to resign, but Trump told him to stay.

He has to stay. If he left and everything kept going wrong, who would Trump blame, then?


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