OUCH: Orrin Hatch Doesn't Really Understand Why He Was Recently Honored


This really is kind of sad. The man is almost 84 years old, and while I commend him for wanting to remain active, he could do that in other ways. It’s obvious the best of him has been spent in the Senate, now it’s time to spend his remaining days enjoying his family and his life.


I wrote on Monday night about the largest newspaper in Utah, the Salt Lake Tribune “honoring” Senator Orrin Hatch as “Utahn of the Year.”

As I pointed out last night, the honor is given for the Utah citizen that has made the biggest impact on the state, whether good or bad.

Hatch received the recognition for what was most definitely bad reasons.

The newspaper said Hatch earned the title based on “his utter lack of integrity that rises from his unquenchable thirst for power.”

They further went after his siding with President Trump to shrink two national monuments in the state, with what appeared to be no reasonable purpose, other than to do a favor for Trump.

This was not an honor for his time in the Senate, but a vicious repudiation of the man they feel has been warming a seat in the Senate so long now that his only purpose is to go along with the tide, until he finally dies in his chair.


Hatch has been in the Senate since 1977.

Apparently, Hatch is in a habit of not reading things (all the more reason he should be out of the Senate), because this is what he tweeted out today, in response to the article in the newspaper:


Ok. That’s not even funny. It really is sad.

So who’s going to tell him? I’m not even sure they should.



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