Mike Huckabee Goes to the Movies and Comes Back With a Dumb Comparison

He has lost his mind.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee apparently saw “The Darkest Hour” this weekend – a new film about the life of Prime Minister Winston Churchill during World War II.


So inspired by the dramatization was Huckabee, that he couldn’t help but tweet out something about it.

And it was stupid.

Yeah. Trump is a lot of things, but comparing him to Churchill?

I’m going to assume Huckabee either thinks there’s still a spot for him in the Cabinet, or he’s protecting his daughter’s job. He even tagged Trump in the tweet, hoping to get his approval.

He certainly knows, as everyone does, that a little flattery will get you everywhere with the president.

Of course, the internet will not forget, and Huckabee’s Dumb Tweet of the Day was swiftly and thoroughly mocked.






I have to wonder if there was ever any point in Mike Huckabee’s life that he had anything resembling dignity, or has he always been a shameless toady, seeking someone in power to cling to.


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