Tensions Mount, as Trump Advisers Discuss 2018 Midterms

Apparently, there is some concern in Trump’s circle, regarding the 2018 midterm elections.

The Republicans hold a slim majority in the House and Senate now, so they really don’t have a lot of wiggle room, and they know it.


Trump is deeply unpopular, and pretty much everything he touches dies. Even the recent victory of the tax bill passage can’t appease a voting public that feel it benefits corporations more than the individual. Polls regarding the public’s view of the bill are not positive.

Just putting it out there – As long as I’m saving something, I’m not peeping in anybody else’s pocket.

With so many concerns and the midterms ahead, it seems there are some tensions brewing, and a new report is that tempers have flared in recent meetings with Trump and his advisers.

In fact, a blast from the campaign past, Corey Lewandowski is involved, and I’m wondering why that angry Lilliputian is allowed to squirrel his way back into that circle, when others from the campaign and transition period have either been indicted or booted?

 The Post reports that Lewandowski told Trump the Republican National Committee (RNC) was not doing enough to support the president’s agenda and was not raising enough money.

Lewandowski also reportedly voiced more personal grievances to Trump, saying “he wasn’t being served well,” sources told the publication.

Apparently, Lewandowski’s calls aren’t being put through, nor are they being returned. Chief of staff John Kelly is filtering calls through the president’s assistant and Lewandowski is a big chunk of gunk that keeps getting stuck on that filter.


That sounds about right.

After Trump listened to Lewandowski’s concerns, the former campaign manager reportedly held a “very intense” conversation with political director Bill Stepien, where Lewandowski reportedly questioned the director’s performance.

The publication reported that attendees of the meeting included the president, Stepien, Lewandowski, White House chief of staff John Kelly, communications director Hope Hicks, counselor Kellyanne Conway, and data specialist Brad Parscale.

If 2018 is really a concern, I’m going to guess that Lewandowski isn’t the one that’s going to help matters. He’s stuck in 2016 and thinks pounding away at the GOP-as-the-enemy routine will be the best way to assure wins in 2018.

It’s not.

Trump’s only legislative win, to date, came not from Steve Bannon or MAGA politics, but from listening to the dreaded GOPe, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Let’s see how Trump capitalizes moving forward, or is it too late for the GOP?


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