Following the Lead of Trump and the U.S. Another Nation Makes an Announcement Regarding Israel

Did President Trump begin something when he publicly acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

I’m not talking about the new excuse for bout of tensions in the region, but an actual stirring with other nations?



In fact, if an announcement from Romania’s Parliament is any indication, at least a few nations of the world are prepared to follow suit and stand with Israel against a world that has increasingly grown in its anti-Semitic attitude.

From the Jerusalem Post:

The Romanian parliament will consider transferring its country’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem Friday, according to Ma’ariv.

“We’re considering moving the Romanian embassy in the State of Israel to Jerusalem,” said Liviu Dragnea, speaker of the Romanian parliament.

No offense meant to Romania, whatsoever, but I doubt this announcement will have the same impact as when the U.S. president made the same announcement.

That being said, it’s a bold and encouraging sign. If we can get more nations to step forward and declare the same intentions, maybe those hateful, anti-Israel nations that voted against the U.S. in Thursday’s United Nations vote, condemning the U.S. for it’s announcement about Jerusalem, will begin to see that their hatred is repugnant, and unacceptable to a great many.



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