The Palins' World Is Coming Apart and That's Tragic

One of the first pieces I remember writing for RedState was about Sarah Palin and her ignoble turn from principled, conservative warrior to Trump toady.

It was called, “Go Home, Sarah. You’re Drunk.”


(Or something like that.)

At the time Palin was groveling for a spot with then-candidate Trump’s team, trashing every conservative ideal she once claimed to hold.

She was no longer a brash, bold truth-teller for conservatism, but just another clinger – and it was ugly.

She’d just given an introduction of Trump at an event that actually sounded very much as if she’d tipped back a few adult beverages. It was so rambling and nonsensical, those of us who once thought she had something of value to offer the conservative movement were forced to question our own past judgment.

It was kind of like those spaghetti sauce commercials, where the woman is forced to explore other bad choices in her life.

One of the things that was going on in Palin’s life, at that time (which I pointed out then), was that her oldest son, Track Palin, had just been arrested on some domestic abuse beef.

I commented that the “Mama Grizzly” needed to stop chasing political clout and needed to be home, circling the wagons and taking care of her family.

Well, sadly, she still hasn’t managed to get a handle on that situation, and it seems to have escalated.


On Saturday night, the deterioration in the Palin family unit had broken down to the point that Track Palin has been charged with beating his father, Todd Palin.

The confrontation started when Track Palin, 28, allegedly said he was coming over to the Palin residence in Wasilla, Alaska, to pick up a truck.

His father, Todd Palin, told him to stay away because Track Palin had been drinking and taking pain medication, the newspaper reported. However, Track Palin showed up anyway.

When he arrived, Todd Palin allegedly confronted Track Palin at the front door with a pistol. Track Palin then broke a window, entered the house and began beating his father, the newspaper reported.

Sarah Palin called police at about 8:30 p.m. local time. When authorities arrived, Todd Palin and Sarah Palin were driving away in separate cars, with Todd Palin bleeding from his face.

Track told the police that he’d asked his father to shoot him, before he entered the house.

He has been charged with fourth degree assault, first degree burglary, and criminal mischief.

This follows a January 2016 arrest for domestic violence against his girlfriend and weapons charges.


Sarah Palin caught heat for connecting her son’s issues with then-President Obama’s lack of concern for the care of veterans.

She wasn’t exactly wrong.

During the dreadful Obama years, veterans were treated like garbage, and that’s a fact.

That Sarah Palin brought it up may have been more than a cynical attempt to grab on to a pet cause to stay afloat and in the public eye.

I haven’t read it anywhere, but it may very well be that Track Palin, a veteran, has some combat-related issues that he brought home to Alaska with him.

If that’s the case, this is my call to forget everything I said in my previous, angry post, and ask for prayers for that family.

They really need it.


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