Senator Ted Cruz Channels His Inner Yoda to School Mark Hamill on Net Neutrality

So actor Mark Hamill really has no career, outside of “Star Wars” and he’s apparently using the issue of net neutrality to promote the latest film in the franchise.


Fortunately for Hamill, he’s got Senator Ted Cruz to banter the issue back and forth with, so it doesn’t come across as an “old man shouts at cloud” issue over the internet.

Hamill was just one of a chorus of voices from the left that tore at their breasts and cried, “ANARCHY!” after the Federal Communication Commission voted 3-2 to on Thursday to repeal the Obama-era net neutrality rules.

I actually hope you can still read this, since rolling back those rules an entire 2 years was supposed to cause the internet to be sucked into a vast wormhole, never to be seen again, or something.

Hamill began his attack on Saturday, by going after FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, for using a [toy] lightsaber in a video defending the vote.

Hey, guy – Jedis are not real. Neither are lightsabers. They’re toys.


On Sunday, Hamill was still raging, and went after Senator Ted Cruz, after Cruz pointed a few details out in his attack on Pai.

Cruz sounds like he knows his “Star Wars” characters.

Hamill really has no sense of humor. And honestly, a quick scan of his Twitter page suggests he’s getting his information from the liberal echo chamber.


But that’s logic, Senator, and liberals tend to only trust the chains of government.

I guess we’ll have to endure a couple of years of people like Hamill sending out frantic messages of the impending doom of society before they either give up or we learn to tune them out.

In the meantime, keep educating the unschooled masses, Senator Cruz.

Or just use a Jedi mind trick. Whatever works best.



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