Trump Lawyer Adds His Own Take to the Rumor Mill

After rumors of the impending end to Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, Trump’s counsel is swooping in to cut off the loose talk.

In a statement to Politico, Ty Cobb said that the rumors floating around Capitol Hill that Trump is considering firing Mueller as the investigation ensnares several of his former campaign team members are untrue.

“As the White House has repeatedly and emphatically said for months, there is no consideration at the White House of terminating the special counsel,” Cobb said.


Because he knows it would be political poison.

Still, with Fox News doing a full-court press on the “FBI/Mueller as enemies of the state” narrative, based on the personal opinions of one fired FBI agent and his mistress and the social media rabble rousers giving all the bad advice, it would be foolhardy not to think Trump isn’t being convinced that he’d be within his rights to make a move.

I talked earlier today about Representative Jackie Speier (Calif.) discussing the rumors she’d been hearing.

Speier added that she believes Trump wants the special counsel investigation shut down as soon as possible.

“We can read between the lines I think,” Speier said. “I believe this president wants all of this shut down. He wants to shut down these investigations, and he wants to fire special counsel Mueller.”

He does. He’s said as much, many times.

As for if he’d actually make a move on that, however, the White House has insisted that he will not.


In October, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated:

“There is no intention or plan to make any changes in regards to the special counsel,” she said at the time. “I think we should let the process play through before we start looking at that.”

The rumor was that he would do it over the holiday break for Congress.

We’ll see.


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