NBC Pays Out ANOTHER Big Sexual Harassment Settlement for Another Personality

Wait… Chris Matthews, too??

The MSNBC host is the latest to be caught up in the sexual harassment mania, as it’s being reported that NBC paid out a tidy severance package to a staffer in 1999, due to Matthews’ shenanigans.


The story appeared in the Daily Caller:

 Two sources told the Caller that a woman who was then an assistant producer on Matthews’ show “Hardball” accused the longtime MSNBC host of making inappropriate sexual jokes comments about her while in the company of others. The sources say the company settled with the woman for $40,000.

MSNBC acknowledged the report but disputed the settlement amount in a statement to the Caller, saying it was “significantly less” as part of a severance package.

The host of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” who has been with the network since 1997 was reprimanded for his actions, and I’m guessing they felt that was enough, at the time.

To be fair, of all the allegations against all the different men that have come out in this astounding wave of accusations, the complaints about Matthews are pretty vanilla.


Seriously. He told some off-color jokes.

NBC just had their Lauer moment, and when you compare what he’s alleged to have done with Matthews’ naughty jokes, well, I guess Matthews seems like a dream to them.

MSNBC also cut ties with “Morning Joe” analyst and “Game Change” author Mark Halperin in October after a dozen women accused the veteran political journalist of groping and other forms of sexual assault and harassment.

MSNBC really has no room to ever say a word about what went on at Fox News, it appears.


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