BREAKING: It's Ghosts of Sexual Misconduct Past as Trump Accusers Plan Joint Press Conference

It was only a matter of time. They were ignored the first time around, but only a year later, the climate is right for a second bite at the apple.

I actually don’t know what they’ll be saying, but it’s like the ghosts of sexual misconduct past, as more than a dozen women who were news a month before the 2016 election will be gathering together for a press conference later today.


That’s right. The women who have accused President Trump of a host of bad behaviors, ranging from boorish and rude, to outright assault have banded together and plan a “Remember us?” ceremony to cap off this insane season of outing predatory behavior.

Some of the women’s stories go back as far as the 80s, but I don’t think that matters now, since we have a situation where Roy Moore’s accusers almost all seem to be talking about behavior from the 70s.

A documentary group, Brave New Films, is hosting today’s event. The group released a film about the allegations last month, so this could just be an inspired bit of promo for them.

Then again, it could be a legit attempt by women who feel they have a right to be heard and taken seriously to re-up stories that were squashed by the soulless MAGA-mania of 2016.

Without knowing who any of the women appearing today will be, just yet, here are a few of the accusations:

Mariah Billado – Was Miss Teen Vermont in 1997, and one of five who all claimed Trump walked in on them as they were dressing for the Miss Teen USA pageant, then told them he’d “seen it all before.”

Kristen Anderson – Claimed that sometime in the early 1990s, Trump sat next to her on a couch in some Manhattan nightclub. He slid his fingers under her skirt and touched her private area over her underwear.


Tasha Dixon – In 2001, Dixon was representing Arizona in the Miss USA pageant. Just as Billado said, Dixon claimed Trump would walk in on the contestants as they were dressing, unannounced. She claimed some would be topless, or even nude.

Ninni Laaksonen – A model and former Miss Finland, she told a Finnish newspaper about meeting Trump backstage at the Late Show with David Letterman in 2006. While standing next to her, Trump allegedly grabbed her buttock and squeezed hard.

How very Franken-ish of him.

Summer Zervos – After appearing as a contestant on Trump’s reality show, “The Apprentice,” in 2005, Zervos sought Trump out in 2007 to discuss job opportunities. After meeting him at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, she claims he kissed her with an open mouth, aggressively, put his hand on her breast, and after she pulled away, he took her hand and pulled her to his bedroom.

These are just a few of the stories told before the 2016 election, none of which had any effect on the eventual outcome of the election.

I mean, the photos of Trump’s female supporters, in their “He can grab me by the …..” t-shirts were a nice flourish to the surreal lowering of public discourse in this new age of Trump.

Otherwise, it’s hard to look at how many powerful men are seeing their careers sunk because of similar behavior, in recent months, and realize that the man in the most powerful position in our nation got there after an apparent life as a serial lecher.


What a difference a year makes.

The official position of the Trump White House is to call all of the women liars.

Yup. No attempts to lighten the language or be diplomatic, at all.

They’re all liars. Each and every one. Out of over a dozen, there’s not a shred of truth to any.

Even after Trump’s confession of his disgusting views on women and the privilege he thinks he’s afforded, due to his wealth and fame, along with his history of adulteries, we’re still to believe that he’s the very picture of Christian restraint.

He most certainly is not, but his Twitter response to today’s press conference should be especially maniacal.




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