Fox News Is Forced to Correct Their Deceptive, Insulting Headline About Roy Moore Accuser

A security guard looks out of the the News Corp. headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Bill O'Reilly has lost his job at Fox News Channel following reports that five women had been paid millions of dollars to keep quiet about harassment allegations. 21st Century Fox issued a statement Wednesday that "after a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the company and Bill O'Reilly have agreed that Bill O'Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Probably nothing sneaky here.

It’s like everybody is being forced to issue corrections, today. What’s going on, guys?

While Fox News was tut-tutting CNN for their erroneous Wikileaks story, they were having their own “OOPSIE” moment.


As I told you about earlier today, Beverly Young Nelson, the woman who claims Roy Moore had acted inappropriately with her when she was 16-years old, corrected her earlier account by admitting that she’d added part of the yearbook entry attributed to Roy Moore.

Presumably, she was talking about the date and the name of the diner.

It was really a minor addition, very much in line with what a teen girl would have added, at the time, and actually took nothing away from her claim, in that context.

Then, of course, Fox News put their spin on it.

 A since-deleted tweet on the official Fox News twitter account had read, “BREAKING NEWS: Roy Moore accuser admits she forged part of yearbook inscription attributed to Alabama senate candidate.”

Uh, no, guys. Nothing about what she said amounts to forgery, so what you put out there was completely false.

They updated the story on their site, removing the reference to forgery.

“An update to this story reflects that Beverly Young Nelson admits writing what ABC News characterized as ‘notes’ beneath what she says is Roy Moore’s signature, and that the only notes below the signature are the date and location.

“Furthermore, the headline on [the] story now specifies that Nelson admits to writing part of the inscription herself, rather than forging part of it.”


And speaking of scummy purveyors of fake news…

Breitbart News also called the additions a forgery but has not updated its lead story.

“Bombshell: Roy Moore Accuser Beverly Nelson Admits She Forged Yearbook,” reads the headline.

Would it kill you guys to consult a dictionary? Develop a human soul? Something?

Breitbart’s guru, Steve Bannon, is a Roy Moore pimp, so as Bannon goes…

And to be clear, Moore may be completely innocent of everything he’s accused of, but this effort by sites like Fox and Breitbart to call his accusers liars – and now forgers – is despicable.


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